AnyPerk Rewards Platform

The Rewards Platform is the second core product of the AnyPerk (now Fond) offering. I took this project from concept to launch, identifying customer needs, gathering requirements, managing development, testing for quality and launched to a test group of existing customers. 

Admin Portal
The Admin Portal allows employers to manage their budget for employee recognition, assign managers with recognition powers and track which employees are rewarded most. It is designed to inform administrators which managers and employees are actively participating with the program and identify those who require additional guidance to create a culture of recognition. 


The Rewards
Employees with rewards credit have access to a listing of gift cards and charitable donation options. Behind the scenes I architected an ecommerce toolset designed to expand the rewards offering, allow us to quickly change user facing content, and ultimately enable integration with other portions of the AnyPerk platform. 


Mobile Recognition
The option to give and redeem Rewards was built into the AnyPerk iOS App. I partnered with design and the mobile product team to create a simple way for managers to give recognition on the go.