Raizlabs Website Redesign

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Showcasing Great Work

Just prior to the acquisition by Rightpoint in 2017, Raizlabs completed a website redesign and infrastructure overhaul with the intention of better articulating the team’s capabilities. This effort was unique in the context of Raizlabs in that it required altering a delivery process normally intended for creating apps and websites for external clients. Additionally, in order to make the transition to the new site a success, a new CMS was selected, all of the existing case studies were re-written to fit the new format, and a holistic inventory was created of all design work completed for the last 13 years. The entire project was completed in just under 3 months.

From our Oakland offices, I planned, orchestrated, and delivered this project with an entirely remote team of developers, designers, and stakeholders who sat in the Boston office headquarters. In the last month of the project, I partnered with over 20 individual contributors to get the work across the finish line on time.

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Examples of Raizlabs work
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